Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Variable stability workout

I'm all about training with whatever you have at hand. I heard every excuse in the book not to train and one of the most common excuses for not training and conditioning is 'I don't have XYZ piece of gear'... well that doesn't wash. Not for second. Here are a bunch of fun drills on the Repulse Bay waterfront here in Hong Kong. A bit of chain, some stairs, a few posts... what more do you need to get a good workout in?!

The press ups with variable stability challenge the nervous system and the shoulders ability to stabilize itself. Great workout for the core as well. Uneven press ups cause the central nervous system and musculature to have to rethink the classic press up. I try to get a bit of glutes into every workout so I've thrown in the mule kicks as a way to really engage the glutes... as you can see they hit a lot more than just the glute. ATG squat hops really get the heart going and are a good explosive movement to throw into any workout!

There you have it... no kit needed.. and no excuse not to get a session in!

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