Thursday, October 21, 2010

Typhoon Megi update!!!

Typhoon Megi on it's way. Not that it will be an excuse not to train. Of course not... even super typhoons won't deter us! We'll have to see what madness we can get up to during the typhoon. Though as of now it's very much the calm before the storm. Nothing more than heavy wind warnings. The Philippines got battered by this one and Hong Kong is pretty much right in it's path... Typhoon Megi... BRING IT!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Variable stability workout

I'm all about training with whatever you have at hand. I heard every excuse in the book not to train and one of the most common excuses for not training and conditioning is 'I don't have XYZ piece of gear'... well that doesn't wash. Not for second. Here are a bunch of fun drills on the Repulse Bay waterfront here in Hong Kong. A bit of chain, some stairs, a few posts... what more do you need to get a good workout in?!

The press ups with variable stability challenge the nervous system and the shoulders ability to stabilize itself. Great workout for the core as well. Uneven press ups cause the central nervous system and musculature to have to rethink the classic press up. I try to get a bit of glutes into every workout so I've thrown in the mule kicks as a way to really engage the glutes... as you can see they hit a lot more than just the glute. ATG squat hops really get the heart going and are a good explosive movement to throw into any workout!

There you have it... no kit needed.. and no excuse not to get a session in!

Beach sand bag workout 1

Ok here goes the first of a series of drills that are designed for the beach environment. The around-the-world movement is one that can be done with many different types of kit... but why haul all that stuff around when all you need is a bag that can hold sand?

I've added some key points to end of this video. It's important to start slow and light on this movement. Momentum makes this movement a whole lot tougher than it looks. What starts out light will gain a bit of weight once it gets some momentum so don't underestimate this drill!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chueng Sha beach sandbag workouts!!!

Hitting the beach to get in the Monday sandbag workouts in!
I'll bring the bags... the sand is provided for us. Will post up the vids of the session - The weather is brilliant so should be a killer session!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Monkey Pickers - a hanging compound movement

Ok here's goes a move that's as fun as it can be challenging.

Inspired by my daily walks through the zoo here in Hong Kong where I get to see the large numbers of buff-cheeked Gibbons moving with a grace that we humans rarely achieve. Primates will hang from a tree or a branch and reach down and pick up something off the floor to inspect it or pass it on to another member of their tribe in a way that I thought... really they're pulling off an inverted compound movement. Only they do it because they're hardwired to do it and thus they do it instinctually. We humans however need to work a bit harder to achieve anything near the same level of gracefulness and agility.

So... despite the difference in anatomy and musculature between us and our simian cousins... the result is today's movement. Monkey Pickers. Challenging core strength and grip strength. Continuous movement and conscious breathing are a big part of these drills. So important to work on every component of the moves to achieve a fluid and graceful conditioning movement. Give them a go!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Press up with a 2 sec. contralateral raise and hold

Here's a new move for you. Again exploring ways to graft new stabilization movements onto existing exercises for more challenge. One that I've come up with is by combining a press up with a contralateral raise and hold for two seconds.

Contralateral means simply opposite sides. So if we are going from our left shoulder to our right hip we are moving contralateraly. If we are doing crunches and we brinng that right elbow to our left knee... we are doing a contralateral movement. Contralateral is about opposites. One side of the body working towards the other side of the body.

This new drill requires you to use good balance and begin to test your proprioception. It's a great way to further develop your core strength and stability. They do look deceptively easy and the really work your sense of balance. Give them a go and let me know how you go!

Monday, July 5, 2010

IGNITE SC - shadow box & bodyweight circuit

Here's a new circuit shadow boxing and bodyweight circuit give a go! Some good press up variations in here... the FROG PRESS UP makes it's appearance as does the SINGLE LEG PRESS UP! Tougher than they look and great for the shoulders and triceps. I've worked in some good stuff for the core with STAR FISH KICKS and TABLE TOPS. And because because balance is an acquired skill I've included a deceptively hard contra-lateral motion in this workout... the CROSSOVER TOE TOUCH... hitting these straight after a round of shadow boxing is much harder than it first appears. I want you people shadow boxing and moving!!! Remember the stationary target gets hit... so move around and get it goin' on!