Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Monkey Pickers - a hanging compound movement

Ok here's goes a move that's as fun as it can be challenging.

Inspired by my daily walks through the zoo here in Hong Kong where I get to see the large numbers of buff-cheeked Gibbons moving with a grace that we humans rarely achieve. Primates will hang from a tree or a branch and reach down and pick up something off the floor to inspect it or pass it on to another member of their tribe in a way that I thought... really they're pulling off an inverted compound movement. Only they do it because they're hardwired to do it and thus they do it instinctually. We humans however need to work a bit harder to achieve anything near the same level of gracefulness and agility.

So... despite the difference in anatomy and musculature between us and our simian cousins... the result is today's movement. Monkey Pickers. Challenging core strength and grip strength. Continuous movement and conscious breathing are a big part of these drills. So important to work on every component of the moves to achieve a fluid and graceful conditioning movement. Give them a go!

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