Sunday, June 13, 2010

IGNITE SC - dynamic wood choppers

IGNITE strength & conditioning video series is here!

From time to time I will be posting short videos with new movements for you to try. Here is the first... a dynamic wood chopper movement. It's being done using a resistance band rated at 25lbs or resistance. You can try it with any level of resistance. You'll notice that this movement is far more dynamic when done with resistance bands than with a weight stack on a machine in the gym.

The movement should be kept dynamic... so that means at speed. Torquing the hip and dropping the knee... as if you were throwing someone over your shoulder with 110% commitment! Balance will be key here so you really need to be aware of where you are and the range of motion. The movement incorporates a level change and rotation through the core... Work through it nice and slow a few times to get a feel for it!

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  1. Sweet video! I'm going to incorporate this into my training regime sometime.