Friday, June 18, 2010

IGNITE SC - horizontal rows

Here's a drill with a pulling movement that works as a counter balance to all the pushing movements that dominate more workouts. People often neglect this one because you don't normally stand in a mirror trying to flex your rhomboids/lats/traps. But if you want strong upper and middle back and good posture then you'll get a lot out of this drill.

A great exercise for improving strength while clinching in Muay Thai. The movement is one of the keys to develop a strong middle/upper back and it also gives a dose to the biceps as well. Because you work to keep your body rigid through the pull - your core gets a good workout because it's recruited as a stabilizer.

Horizontal rows can be done just about anywhere you can grip an edge and get your feet under... I'll post up more of the many variations on the horizontal row in up coming videos... but for now you've got no excuse for not rocking them out!

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