Monday, July 5, 2010

IGNITE SC - shadow box & bodyweight circuit

Here's a new circuit shadow boxing and bodyweight circuit give a go! Some good press up variations in here... the FROG PRESS UP makes it's appearance as does the SINGLE LEG PRESS UP! Tougher than they look and great for the shoulders and triceps. I've worked in some good stuff for the core with STAR FISH KICKS and TABLE TOPS. And because because balance is an acquired skill I've included a deceptively hard contra-lateral motion in this workout... the CROSSOVER TOE TOUCH... hitting these straight after a round of shadow boxing is much harder than it first appears. I want you people shadow boxing and moving!!! Remember the stationary target gets hit... so move around and get it goin' on!


  1. Hi, LS from MAP here. Really compelling stuff from the shadow boxing video. I wasn't sure if it's because of the video, but you were moving slowly when executing your boxing and muay thai movements? I wouldn't be surprised by it; you want to promote good form, right? Thanks!

  2. Really like this workout, and the training hall, what a cool place! Where is that? Like the yoga moves in there.